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Armando Adajar is an artist and a photographer whose forte focuses on JUST ABOUT MEN. He has completed a specialized program in Visual Arts, Digital Photography at University of California Berkeley Ext (2011). His interests in advertising, fashion and collaborating his ideas with other artists brought him to New York City to pursue and study FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY and MEN'S FASHION STYLING at Fashion Institute of Technology.


"Even if my work focuses on JUST ABOUT MEN, I still like to be diverse and can do a little bit of everything - from editorial to fashion to advertising  to fine art. I live and breathe photography. I love what I do. I always say that PASSION and HAPPINESS are two words that contribute to my ability to create.  When i shoot, i try to envision the shot in mind. My environment is my biggest inspiration. Even small things that happen in my daily encounter can serve as my inspiration. Wherever i am, whatever time of the day, whoever i encounter  - when my eyes and thoughts are drawn to something that sparks my interest, i start to get inspired and eventually i find myself conceptualizing. Also, there are times i conceptualize based on the unique personalities and talents of my models. "




The images created by Armando Adajar Photography may NOT be used in any manner without expressed, prior written permission from Armando Adajar Photography. If you are interested in obtaining for the images created by Armando Adajar Photography, you may contact Armando Adajar Photography at




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